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On Leadership

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Today’s article in the Daily Progress describes a behind the scenes effort to overthrow a sixteen year protocol of Albemarle County for choosing the Chair of the Board of Supervisors. I will use all my persuasive powers to retain the process, as I was persuaded by others to do two years ago, because of the stability it provides.

I will fight to make sure the interests of Albemarle County’s citizens are not subverted to the benefit of one or a few. The role of the chairman is not to dominate the agenda and actions of the board, as some would prefer, but to lead the meetings, to make sure all members of the board and members of the public are treated with respect and provided a chance to share their views. As Chair of the CHART committee for six years, I spoke last in order to draw ideas and comments from the rest of the committee and represented the committee at the Metropolitan Planning Organization.

In November 2009, I completed a two-year Supervisor Certification program offered by VA Association of Counties and also the Certification Course for Chairs and Vice Chairs in spring of 2008. I am the first elected official in Albemarle County to complete the program of study.

Government works best when the citizens have easy access to the process, to share their views and bring about compromise in order to preserve the qualities of life we appreciate and for which new people move here. Government works best when there is transparency and open discussion rather than back room dealings to achieve votes for chair or mayor which can disable the effectiveness of the Board for months to come.

This is a challenging time and we should rely on our processes to ensure deliberative debate and sound decisions.