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Crozet master plan review meeting LI zoning

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

142 residents in Crozet continued their historic involvement in community planning by attending Thursday’s master plan review meeting. There was support for continuing the 2004 master plan effort to keep employment and business in the downtown area for the next planning interval. The current light industrially zoned land was discussed as were additions to the LI zone along Three Notched Road.

There were some supporters for increasing the growth area to include new light industrial land, but they were a small minority. Most citizen attention was based on the integrity of the master planning process, that citizens had studied and participated and laid out plans which work well for their community and protect County assets recognized as important in the Comprehensive Plan: water and scenic resources especially.

Residents were very concerned about the loss of rural area on their boundary, that the growth area would be allowed to creep outward, thus removing the understanding for growth area residents, that the “country” was just over the hill or around the corner.

Proposals to increase the light industrial zone at the 64-250 interchange were met with concern. Since  1980 industrial zoning has been prohibited in rural areas. Older businesses in the rural areas resulted in ground water pollution in the watershed of the South Fork Reservoir. Repeatedly over the years, county boards verified their support for these protections and prevention of future mishaps which could damage the watershed and useable water capacity.

Of concern in any expansion of the growth area is the reduction in demand for the services and real estate in downtown Crozet.  The community affirmed that they want the downtown to grow first, to bring the community to life, before any increase in area.

Keep an eye on the Crozet Citizens Advisory Council website for updates and calendars for future meetings.