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Zoning 101

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

Zoning was established in the County in 1970s. While not in place universally across the state even today, zoning rules allow a predictability to land use which brings comfort to landowners, that they can reasonably anticipate what land around theirs might be used for in decades ahead.

Zoning also assists the county in planning and implementing infrastructure for new residential development as growth is anticipated. While this has been the goal of residents of western Albemarle for forty years, the delivery of these supporting features has lagged behind the arrival of new residents.

In the 2007 election season, the most important issue from citizens at their doors by far was the increase in population and no delivery of increased services. Long-time residents and newcomers alike were disappointed that the promised items on which their developments were based had not been delivered.

Some examples. Jarman’s Gap Road improvements were on the planning list since before the approvals of Greyrock, Wayland’s Grant and Bargamin Place. The early 1990s approvals for those hundreds of new homes was based upon the road improvements and sidewalks. The road was completed in 2010, and road and sidewalks are well used today.

Serving a 35 square mile area in western Albemarle, the Crozet Library was in need of expansion in 1988, falling well below the state standards for library services. It too was completed in 2010. Both of these projects enjoyed strong community support to be achieved.