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what is an artisan?

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

An artisan creates objects of three dimensional craft, often to be used functionally, but always with a high degree of artistry and fine craftsmanship. Whether using hand tools or machines, the artisan takes no shortcuts that might compromise the quality of the work.

The artisan industry in Virginia remains one of the state’s greatest untapped economic assets. Skilled craftspeople, with expertise in design, manufacturing techniques and tradesmanship, are the backbone of the creative economy in many communities.

The White Hall district is full of artisans. Many agricultural producers are artisans in the off-season.

Some artisans have collaborated on successful studio tours, hosted joint holiday sales at nearby schools, or shared studio space, but for many what is lacking is an economical and efficient way to market their craft and gain exposure.

Enter the Artisan Trail. Summer, 2010, will be the time for artisans and artisan farmers, plus associated galleries, bed and breakfasts, restaurants with display connections to artisans, to sign up to be listed on the Artisan Trail.

I learned much of this information at the Artisan Center of Virginia conference, Create Craft – Create Community, January 23, 2010, Hotel Roanoke. Quoted text is from conference materials.