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Why Rezoning?

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

When an applicant desires to increase the housing density beyond the current zoning, for example, R-1 (one unit per acre) to 3-6 units per acre, the process allows for approval of that increase if the impacts of those extra units can be dealt with in the particular location and according to the application plan.

Important considerations related to decision-making are:

  • Is the rezoning in compliance with the comprehensive plan? If not, a comp plan amendment must be considered and approved first.
  • Is the character of the community maintained?
  • Are there pedestrian and vehicular connections with other neighborhoods to avoid every trip for services entering a major roadway?
  • Are there sidewalks to connect the new residents to their greater community?
  • Are there possible ways to ameliorate any traffic increases to permit the surrounding roadways to function as before the rezoning?

In addition, the site plan requirements for the rezoned development include:

  • Control features to prevent stormwater runoff off site
  • Stream buffers 100 feet on each side of a stream
  • Sidewalks and street trees along interior streets and to screen utilities from the roadway and adjacent residences