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Hay in august. What’s wrong with this picture?

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

Here we go again. It’s August, time to stockpile fescue in the winter pasture by keeping the cows out and letting it grow —

Nothing is growing since the water table is so low. We are better off than last year, but still no pasture left.

Thus the hay. The cows look at me in disgust. “It’s not winter. What’s this stuff?”

The life of farmers in the age of climate change and long periods of drought.

4 H is alive and raising animals in Albemarle

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

Thursday, August 5, was the final workday for animal husbandry projects of Albemarle 4 H ers. The show and sale were held at Nutmeg Farm in Carter’s Bridge. Professional auctioneers and livestock experts were there to support the young livestock investors.

The champion animals in many categories were sold to eager buyers in the audience. The future of rural Albemarle and our local food movement is significantly boosted by the 4H program and its families.

Young farmers sell their prize animals at the 4 H sale at Nutmeg Farm.