Background on The Growth Area

The Crozet Growth Area was created in 1980 when the urban ring growth area around the City was created. The Crozet area already had water and sewer services for its manufacturing plants and was thought to be an ideal place to expand residential units and provide efficient and cost effective services, close to existing treatment plants. Since then interceptors have been improved to deliver sewage to the Moore’s Creek treatment plant east of the City. Improvements to seal out rain infiltration and replace caps on access points have been completed. Further improvements to handle increased capacity are in the planning stages.

The community made its own growth plan in 1980. Behind the scenes from 1980 to 1990, many properties changed hands in preparation for new growth and development. When these new projects came to light, Crozet residents requested to be the first community to participate in master plan development. The first master plan was adopted in 2005 and was a learning experience. Lack of transparency and errors in data presentation left citizens angry that the promised population buildout of 12,500 (for a community of 1200 at the time) had evolved behind the scenes into 25,000. The 2010 master plan review brought the buildout numbers to approximately 16,000 (still a ten-fold or more increase in population).

The next review scheduled in 2015 has not yet occurred. This postponed review has on its agenda consideration of density ranges on the circumference of the growth area where the rural area is across the street. . On the master plan map, the land west of Cory Farm remained yellow during the 2010 review, as a range of 3-6 units per acre, because it had the potential to be connected to other developments on that side of the street to reduce impacts. In discussion during the master plan meetings, the expectation was that it would develop as had its companion on the rest of the farm, Cory Farm neighborhood.

The Crozet Citizens Advisory Committee, CCAC, was created by the board of supervisors eleven years ago as a buffer between the community engagement on the master plan implementation and the board of supervisors. Members are from different neighborhoods, businesses, perspectives, and all meetings are open to the public, advertised and now, live streamed.

The community of Crozet, through its Master Planning process, has always supported the recommendation that with any rezoning there be included 15 percent affordable housing. The current master plan has multiple citations regarding the protection of Rt 250 from further development and that high density should be focused, along with previous county investment, to downtown. Dense developments which are in downtown and provide the high performance desired have been well supported by the CCAC and community.

County affordable housing policy results from 2004 to 2016 include over 1000 units. 387 of those affordable units are in the Crozet Growth Area. $1.5 M in cash contributions was accepted, most of which was prior to 2007. There were more than 4000 units of all types approved for Crozet between 2004 and 2008.

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