Why is public education important?

A strong education system is a keystone to Albemarle’s economic vitality. Education provides opportunity and skills to all students and helps each to achieve to the best of his or her ability and become a productive adult. When county taxpayers invest in education, they are “buying in” to the corporation at the lowest cost possible. Successful students will have more productive lives, be employed, support their families, and make contributions to our society as their strengths dictate. If we cut the essential educational processes and students fall behind or through the cracks in our safety net, higher costs will be paid in the future for many other social and justice services.

Everyone has high expectations for continued improvement in operations. With concerned citizens electing committed and energetic school board members, I am certain we will not be disappointed.

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One Response to “Why is public education important?”

  1. Evie Safran says:

    I am very thankful that the Crozet Library will remain open. Thoughts of closing it were very short-sighted. I can’t help but think that the decision-makers don’t use the library or they would have realized how vital an asset it is to our community. I see, time and time again, that decision-makers often decide to cut costs at the level that serves the public most directly and most usefully.
    On another note – this is a large question about funding for public schools – are property taxes the best, or only, way to fund public schools? Do you think most citizens understand how this works? Have local govn’t officials had a dialogue about this issue. How can Albemarle County be so wealthy and not be able to support its local public schools? Where’s the disconnect – what am I missing here? I would be interested in learning your thoughts about this.
    Thank you for this forum in which to communicate with you…Evie Safran